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I've found a time saver at the Large Gear that should help. When pulling the box back, take 4 steps, press forwards, and then pull back again.

You might be able to use this trick when pulling back on the box before this one too. I haven't tested it out yet.
Good Luck.


And here is an old trick that I worked on. I never published it before today, but it's really difficult, so it probably won't make it into speedruns.


That's great! Keep in mind, there are a great number of tricks that everyone is already doing in the speedruns, so I would watch one of those to see everything. The two things that I posted above are currently not in use, but could become more common.

When viewing Celulith's speedrun of 41:41.30
A few of the established speedrun tricks are:

Falling Bear Trap - 7:22
Tire Jump - 8:20
Worm Animation Skip - 14:12 (at 3 points in the game, you can skip the worm animation by pressing left)
Sliding Box - 30:12 (here you do not have to activate the magnet, but can jump properly and make the ladder)
Rotating World Jump - 35:22 (As the boulder falls to the left, you can make a running jump for the ledge and skip this section)
Big Block Glitch - 41:00 (my favorite trick, you can magically flip through the box if you stand next to it as the gun fires upon you.)


Hey guys,
I had never seen your posts since today ! ^^
Nice ones The_Tortoise ! The super jump at the very beginning is quite interesting, i will try this.


hi !

Got an accident this morning, while speedrunning Limbo : I got a huge fall, but thx to his butt knocking the platform's edge, I survived. I tried to redo the thing, but it's like perfect pixel to use it during runs.

If this thing can be recreated, It would matter a lot for the Spider split.


Hey Yajijy ! Thanks for the video, but this trick is already known 🙂 And yeah it's hard to get !

Anyway feel free to post this kind of videos in the "Guides" section, it helps runners learning the game !


I got some difficulties with what's already and what's not found yet. I'll go for your idea, and post the main tricks on the guide section.

I'll see if I can do something more appropriate than Colette's guide.


The Wiki was supposed to be the place where all the tricks can be found, but it's hard finding videos for everything let alone record one of everything. 🙁


I don't know if that's old or not, but on the hard route, after the double ladder/gatling part, you have this annoying saw, which is moving right and left.

Usually, we have to wait for the saw to let it go right, left, then right again, but it's possible if you have a perfect timing to climb to the left side without waiting the complete saw's cycle (the saw goes right, and then, you can immediately rush to the left)

Edit : some problems with Youtube, Here's a gif instead :


For more visibility, i post here the new skip i've found.

For this skip, we have to wait a little before pushing the button, because we can jump a little more far, and like this, we can be enough quick to pass the door.

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This is the Zetbox 2.0 skip. It would cut around 4 seconds off the current Zetbox strategy. I haven't seen this posted here yet, so I made an example video. All the credit goes to Mr. Zet on this one 🙂

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Hey david, thanks for finding a consistent setup on this one. 🙂 I did some testing when I initially found it and concluded that - due to the box usually landing way further to the left than it would stay with the standard Zetbox setup - you are unfortunately not saving any time at all. 🙁
Also, since the piston is already triggered and moving in the big room and Zetbox works already the way that you reach the fastest cycle Yolo piston like, Zetbox 2.0 will unfortunately not save any additional time, it might only make the yolo piston a bit easier to achieve. I think however, since you need to jump further to the left after activating the ladder, even climbing over the box and climbing takes a huge amount of time, I don't think, Zetbox 2.0 is useful - if there isn't a way to have the right box land very close to the button without activating it.

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Thanks for the insight, Zet. I wasn't thinking about after the ladder. Speaking of the big room, I've been thinking about ways to save a couple seconds in order to reach an earlier piston cycle or at least have an easier, more relaxed current cycle. I've been trying to find ways to get a more favorable ceiling box by manipulating the gravity, and I would love some help on finding a consistent set up.

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