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This is the NEW Multiswitch STRAT in Big Room
It can save a full piston cycle for any platform (roughly 10 seconds time save).

This proof is comprised of a segmented run, using my best attempt from "guns" checkpoint up until the ladder climb in Big Room. Here's the link of the full segment used in the proof above:

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What's with the pausing on the left one? I've never seen that before. I had to look up your normal route pb and do a side by side to make sure you weren't jerking our chains. Cool strat though, seems somewhat learnable.


That 5sec pause was to prove it's possible to save a piston cycle on PS4 (mirrored piston cycle) - as you can see in the second link I posted... Since that was a pretty good run from guns to ladder, I decided to use that one as reference, instead of grinding the whole 3min segment just to show an uninterrupted run... Getting perfect outcomes on every tech from guns to piston is pretty demanding, including the new multiswitch which is very tricky, so it would have taken me a lot longer to prove the new time save... It's much easier to grind just the multiswitch strat, and rely on a previous run, to quickly prove the point ... and the uninterrupted full segment can come later...