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Hello fellow runners! As you might or might not have heard, the European Speedster Assembly is taking place this year from July 25th through July 31st.
If you don't know what ESA is yet, it's pretty much a Games Done Quick event for European speedrunners and it's taking place in Sweden. You don't have to go there for the full week, if you come. Anyway, I was thinking, it would be ¤awesome¤ to have a LIMBO speedrun going on there. 🙂 Since we have quite a few European (esp. French) runners around, I was curious whether one or the other might be interested in submitting their LIMBO run to ESA. I know I will, even though I am not the best LIMBO runner, but I'd like this game to be ran at a charity event.
The problem with LIMBO speedruns is that watching them is not as intensive as running them yourself. To simulate this race against the clock, I thought the coolest thing would be, if an actual LIMBO race would be possible during ESA! But that for we'll need more runners. So, the question is: Would anyone besides me be interested in submitting LIMBO (Normal or Hard Route, maybe 9 eggs) to ESA? I think, a live LIMBO race would be a blast and I'm sure this whole event can be one. 🙂

I hope to hear some feedback by you lots! If your time isn't that great yet, don't worry, the ESA lets you improve before they finally accept or decline you.

Edit: I just realized, I haven't linked the official category in this forums. It's here:

Imprtant though: Gates for submissions open February 13th and close the 27th, so you only have two weeks to submit your game(s)! You can still get rejected/back out later, but not come in at a later date. Be sure not to miss those two weeks submitting your LIMBO runs!

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IT'S HAPPENING! Méléagant, Yajijy and me will race (according to current schedule) July 29th at 8:17CET. 🙂

Any European Runner here who'd like to sit on the couch for commentary?

Edit: Schedule changed the time, corrected that.

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Hey all, Zet from ESA here. We made it happen. :') Limbo was raced at ESA yesterday. Unfortunately we had technical difficulties during the setup and Yajijy had to play on a way darker screen than he wanted, so he had a few random deaths that wouldn't have happened otherwise. So, my victory was rigged in a way, Yajijy would have beaten my ass if it hadn't been for these technical problems.

As for me, I had a blast time none the less and it was cool showing the speedrun of Limbo to a broader audience at last. I don't think it will happen at any other international marathon though, so it's a shame the race was rigged the way it was. Still, we shouldn't complain about the past here and be happy we were able to run the game live. Thanks for everyone who watched. This probably marks the end of an era since many of long term runners have no more interest in improving their pb times.
Thanks again! :')

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