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Forum: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Thread: %100 Run

Started by: OdaNobunagaOdaNobunaga

You'll need a definition for 100% and a run before a category is added but talk to one of the moderators after that. The closest thing that's been done is a Japanese all social links run.


Forum: Sonic Adventure (DX)

Thread: Better Sadx SHOULD Be Allowed

Started by: LooplerLoopler

You can also still get pc disc for like 10 pounds/13 dollars at most.


Forum: Persona 4 Golden

Thread: How much faster is the PC version?

Started by: LichzimLichzim

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The custom difficulty thing is also on the Vita version, just on Vita it is only available in new game+ I'm not a mod but I doubt that would be allowed unless it was it's own category. Need more time to look into how much faster things are but menu's and textboxes go faster the higher your fps, this game caps it at 125 fps. (although this makes dodging shadows a lot harder as they go super fast).
People are looking into new manipulations for fusion accidents and gold hands due to loads being different so it's not possible to say the difference for now.

Forgot to mention it seems you can't do the 99 corn glitch anymore for mirrors which would also change the route massively.

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Forum: Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue

Thread: Did anyone know about this out of the bound glitch yet?

Started by: domizxdomizx

This is already known, it's in the guide section under "swap zipping".
Thanks anyway though.


Forum: Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse

Thread: Difficulty Categories

Started by: YoshioFruitYoshioFruit

It's probably just because people/mods haven't uploaded runs for those categories, so there's no point of them being there if they're just gonna be empty.
That said I do know there is an apoc run of Peace ending on nico nico.


Forum: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

Thread: the notes

Started by: [Deleted user]

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These are the most up to date notes for doing Hard great seal (No Nyx Skip)

I don't know if Yogi has public notes for their any% run but you'd probably be better off asking in the SMT discord and making your own route based on someones anyway:


Forum: Mega Man Battle Network 4

Thread: I Need Help Bois, Please, I'm A Noob

Started by: MushySRMushySR

I have a guide for the BIOS:

You'll have to find a way to get it or ask in the TeamBN discord. I don't know what you mean in the rest of your message but questions about the run I would also recommend asking in the discord.


Forum: Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

Thread: PS2 vs PS3

Started by: RikkRikk

Massively, All animations in the PSN version DDS1 (2 is fine) are at about 20% slower speed. This loses time constantly, I couldn't confidently say the amount of time it loses though as I don't run it.


Forum: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Thread: Streaming?

Started by: HelpMePleaseHelpMePlease

Pretty much everyone uses a PSTV and streams using an HD capture card.

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Forum: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Thread: Mini-Boss Skips

Started by: DezertPenguin8DezertPenguin8

Yeah it is known in both FES and Portable (easier on portable). I think Mulsqi does it multiple times in his maniac run. Thanks anyway though.

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Forum: DemiKids: Light Version and Dark Version

Thread: Speed difference between games

Started by: sluggerslugger

Yeah they'd most likely be a pretty big speed varience due to both games having a different order to the areas you visit and completely different bosses/some demons. The only run is Dark Version simply because that's the one I routed first. Dunno which version would be faster

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Forum: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

Thread: A bit of clarification between routes?

Started by: felysfelys

True ending is gotten.
You get the true ending credits and final cutscenes but do not have to fight nyx or climb Tartarus by using a glitch to skip Nyx that involves talking to Tanaka on a specific day (FES only). Older runs didn't use this skip just because it wasn't known by the runners at the time.

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Forum: Mega Man Star Force 2

Thread: TAS/RNG Help

Started by: OPBreloomOPBreloom

Go ahead if you want to try we have SF2 info/notes on our discord in #resources And feel free to ask and suggest anything in sf strats.

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Forum: The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Thread: What computer specs are needed to record/stream this game

Started by: doctor_Jacobdoctor_Jacob

It's not exactly resource intensive, it's probably gonna be fine if you can run games from the last 10 years on your computer.


Forum: Mega Man Battle Network

Thread: New Here

Started by: MeggidoMuneblazeMeggidoMuneblaze

Hey, so that's part of the rng manipulation. easiest way to learn would probably be to join the TeamBN discord and look in the resources channel, there we have notes for every BN game and you can ask as many questions as you want. Good luck with the learning.


Forum: Mega Man Battle Network 4

Thread: any speedrun tutorial?

Started by: Ark

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there isn't any real tutorials for BN4, it's an awkward one to run due to all the different scenario's. I guess the best bet would be to watch the best run of the version you want to play and ask runners/look at their notes for the best scenario's and how to handle them optimally. You could most easily ask in the BN discord or just send a twitch message or something to one of the runners.


Forum: The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Thread: New to speedrunning this, inital setup

Started by: Titan1010Titan1010

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They are probably using an SSD, having good specs also helps with this games loading times as the higher your fps the faster it loads. That being said load times are mostly irrelevant cause you should be using the load remover on pc.


Forum: Persona 5

Thread: NG+ runs?

Started by: vidmonkey121vidmonkey121

"We've done the mistake of loosely adding new categories before on previous games of the series. Basically all of those categories ended up as 1-run "categories" and never had anyone compete for it."

I assume you mean that, if there was something else specifically about inconsistency I couldn't find it other than saying to just spend 4 more hours learning the any% run for some reason or claming they're unoptimised. (If there was something i missed my bad and I apologise for being an idiot).

The reason I bought it up again is because the reasoning doesn't apply. It isn't going to be a 1 run category. Complaining about runs being unoptimised doesn't really work, I don't disagree that the ng+ runs are unoptimised but any definition you have for "optimised" is inherently arbitrary and I consider basically irrelevant. I don't see why that matters, and if you care about growth of the category so that it's optimised adding ng+ to the leaderboards won't stunt that growth it'll either make no difference or potentially build interest. Saying you want the runs to continue to be optimised while calling runners of the category "A bunch of retards" probably doesn't help and is rather contradictory.

I didn't already explain that since I thought the fact there's more than one run is pretty self explanatory and if the unoptimised thing is a actually a legitimate point then nothing anyone could say matters anyway.


Forum: Persona 5

Thread: NG+ runs?

Started by: vidmonkey121vidmonkey121

I have read them, but I guess it's easier to just dismiss what I'm saying. I thought they were valid points but I guess not. Clearly I need to make good points like "I'll add leaderboards when there's competition even though I'm trying to kill a category so there isn't competition"

Maybe you won't dismiss this one "as always"