Any% - Solo in 1h 36m 05s by ZeddyZeddy - 5th place

Run starts at 0:12 and ends at 1:36:49

Retimed to 1:36:05 due to new timing rules (11/6/2019) - Zeddy

Played on Xbox One [USA] on

Submitted by ZeddyZeddy on

Verified by PrncedPrnced on


Name Duration Finished at
Lost Temple 6m 33s 000ms 6m 33s
Into The Mountains 5m 16s 000ms 11m 50s
City Of Danger 4m 35s 000ms 16m 26s
Well of Souls 4m 50s 000ms 21m 16s
Pursuing The Ark 5m 17s 000ms 26m 33s
Opening The Ark 2m 58s 000ms 29m 32s
Shanghai Showdown 4m 49s 000ms 34m 21s
Best Level 7m 51s 000ms 42m 12s
Temple Of Cauliflower 3m 51s 000ms 46m 04s
Free the Slaves 4m 41s 000ms 50m 45s
Escape The Mines 3m 21s 000ms 54m 07s
Battle On The Bridge 4m 01s 000ms 58m 09s
The Hunt For Sir Richard 8m 31s 000ms 1h 06m 40s
Castle Rescue 6m 30s 000ms 1h 13m 10s
Motorcycle Escape 5m 52s 000ms 1h 19m 03s
Trouble In the Sky 4m 23s 000ms 1h 23m 26s
Desert Ambush 6m 02s 000ms 1h 29m 29s
The Temple Of The Grail 7m 07s 000ms 1h 36m 37s
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