All Artifacts - Solo in 3h 16m 24s by ZeddyZeddy - 2nd place

Run starts at 2:06 and ends at 3:18:30
Pretty fun cat lol

Played on Xbox One [USA] on

Submitted by ZeddyZeddy on

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Name Duration Finished at
1-1: The Lost Temple (4) 7m 52s 797ms 7m 52s
1-2: Into The Mountains (3) 6m 14s 471ms 14m 07s
1-3: City of Danger (4) 5m 47s 820ms 19m 55s
1-4: The Well of Souls (6) 8m 57s 111ms 28m 52s
1-5: Pursing the Ark (1) Parcel 6m 42s 783ms 35m 34s
1-6: Opening the Ark (0) 3m 19s 016ms 38m 53s
FB 2-1: Shanghai Showdown (2) 5m 30s 967ms 44m 24s
2-2: Pankot Secrets (10) 11m 18s 856ms 55m 43s
2-3: Temple of Kali (2) 5m 26s 346ms 1h 01m 10s
2-4: Free the Slaves (8) 8m 23s 089ms 1h 09m 33s
2-5: Escape the Mines (9) 3m 39s 997ms 1h 13m 13s
2-6: Battle on the Bridge (7) 8m 39s 940ms 1h 21m 53s
3-1: The Hunt for Sir Richard (1) 8m 43s 728ms 1h 30m 36s
3-2: Castle Rescue (4) 6m 40s 185ms 1h 37m 17s
3-3: Motorcycle Escape (8) 8m 59s 193ms 1h 46m 16s
3-4: Trouble in the Sky (4) 6m 04s 240ms 1h 52m 20s
3-5: Desert Ambush (5) 9m 31s 896ms 2h 01m 52s
T/B 3-6: Temple of the Grail (3) 8m 07s 633ms 2h 10m 00s
Opening the Ark 2 6m 50s 335ms 2h 16m 50s
Pursing the Ark 2 5m 20s 266ms 2h 22m 10s
Well of Souls 2 2m 55s 243ms 2h 25m 05s
City of Danger 2 3m 20s 788ms 2h 28m 26s
Into the Mountains 2 5m 51s 349ms 2h 34m 18s
Lost Temple 2 5m 56s 988ms 2h 40m 15s
Battle on the Bridge 2 1m 32s 833ms 2h 41m 47s
Escape the Mines 2 2m 32s 792ms 2h 44m 20s
Free the Slaves 2 1m 56s 443ms 2h 46m 17s
Temple of Kali 2 2m 55s 333ms 2h 49m 12s
Shanghai Showdown 2 4m 18s 074ms 2h 53m 30s
Temple of the Grail 2 4m 52s 287ms 2h 58m 22s
Desert Ambush 2 2m 32s 834ms 3h 00m 55s
Trouble in the Sky 2 2m 42s 719ms 3h 03m 38s
Castle Rescue 2 2m 45s 968ms 3h 06m 24s
Sir Richard 2 9m 03s 121ms 3h 15m 27s
Motorcycle Escape 2 0m 57s 104ms 3h 16m 24s
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