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I've been practicing the good ending and I'm watching the first place a lot to know the best decisions, but when I show to a friend he say something that got my attention ,the dialog box is constant and when you see every other runner always there's a minimal mistake but he always constant and sometimes looks like is skipping some of them I know you guys verified but can u check again and see if it's not a macro or something... Ty for your time


I know spikestuff verified but can you check again? Just to make sure


As far as I could notice, he has pretty much perfect mashing but the run doesn't seem to be tool assisted because he makes a few movement mistakes that made him lose 2~5 seconds. Still, maybe he used a macro but there's no way to prove that.

Based on the fact he has approved runs in many different games he probably isn't a cheater. I wish there were tools to analyse the run more accurately.


oh well... thx mod I guess I have to live with that