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Thread: ur mum

Started by: liamjb10liamjb10



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Thread: new misc categories?

Started by: jjenjjen

Finish Tutorial-

Time starts when the world loads in.
You have to complete all tutorial missions up until placing a workbench.
Time ends when you place the workbench.

All Workspaces-

Time starts when the world loads in.
To complete the category you need to place each of the following:

-Fletching Table

Time stops upon placing last workspace.

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Thread: NVS is dead

Started by: ExponiKExponiK

holy jeez

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Forum: ROBLOX: Shrek The Force Awakens

Thread: I found a possible skip

Started by: BeastMode1167BeastMode1167

This might count as a major skip so I don't think it will be useful in runs.


Forum: ROBLOX: The NEAT Project

Thread: NeaAST Updated

Started by: liamjb10liamjb10

I noticed in the NeaAST WR the speed remove thing was down a stud, but now it's not. So what's happening?


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Thread: milk%


I think it should be All Milk Cartons


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Thread: Level 14 Guide pls

Started by: liamjb10liamjb10

I need a guide for the catapult jump please, that is all


Forum: ROBLOX: Surgery Simulator

Thread: uhm

Started by: liamjb10liamjb10

100% rules: Needs to be vanilla (no shop items)
100% wr: ROCK


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Thread: 1000 Robux Bounty

Started by: SumPupSumPup

to be able to trade the robux


Forum: Getting Over It - Category Extensions

Thread: New Category suggestion - Controller%

Started by: Code_GeekCode_Geek

what would the controller setup even be?


Forum: Milkman Karlson

Thread: We need retimes

Started by: liamjb10liamjb10

Levels 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 have times that are lower than the actual time, this is because they must have submitted them as x:0xx while the actual times should be x:xx0


Forum: Milkman Karlson

Thread: Question for Sombre

Started by: liamjb10liamjb10

how do you do the walking thing where your legs fall down further than usual, it is bugging me as i am also attempting speedruns.


Forum: Milkman Karlson

Thread: Unofficial WR Tutorial

Started by: liamjb10liamjb10

So, I never recorded a video of this, as I wasn't expecting it to happen, but I got an unofficial WR for Level 0 in the time of 11.47 seconds. Here is my best proof:


Forum: Getting Over It - Category Extensions

Thread: meme% pausing rules

Started by: uwukaijuuwukaiju

If you look at the rules it practically says there are no rules, so I bet you can pause and also you don't have too at all.


Forum: ROBLOX: Shrek The Force Awakens

Thread: Question

Started by: liamjb10liamjb10

When does timing start and end? I am going to run this game soon.

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