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I just wanted to put this here for those who are new to this game and want to try getting into it as I'm a veteran runner whose 3rd place on the leader boards. This won't be in depth or anything as this is a really simple run that doesn't even take 10 minutes to beat so let's begin:

Step 1: Start new game

Step 2: Walk down from your house and button mash through the dialogue

Step 3: Head right and then downward to the beach and get the Jackhammer

Step 4: Return to where your house is and head upward after passing it

Step 5: Mash through more dialogue and head up to talk to the foreman and get the Information Centre Page

Step 6: Keep heading up then go right, mash through any dialogue and get the Skateboard from the Brickster

Step 7: With your new found Skateboard, use it with B and go right then head upward and into the garden area right and get the Hospital Page

Step 8: Return to the first island, mash through any dialogue and go right then upward to reach the hospital to get the Ferry Ticket

Step 9: Now head downward then right and down and up to reach the Information Centre and get the Space Shuttle Piece

Step 10: Now go back to the second island, mash through any dialogue and then head down at the first path to take the ferry to Castle Island

Step 11: Here's the tricky part - press start, save your game then quit. When you reload, mash with the L trigger to break out of bounds and then go left and then downward to reach the Space Shuttle Centre

Step 12: Now play the Space Balls minigame and avoid getting hit by the asteroids for a full 40 seconds to pass to the next section

Step 13: Play Lunar Lander and quickly but safely descend down to the nearest Bronze platform to pass the mini game

Step 14: Ogel Stealth 1 - take the correct path (I'll just assume here you've beaten this game before?) then when you reach the pizza palace press B to quit the mini game so you won't ever have to do it

Step 15: Ogel Stealth 2 - take the correct path again, avoid being spotted at all costs but be FAST and finally reach the Brickster's Tower

Step 16: In Brickster's Tower mini game go up the CORRECT and FAST path to reach the Brickster as quickly as possible, avoid pizzas and bots

Step 17: The final showdown with the Brickster - fire a barrage of pizzas at the MIDDLE of the Brickster's lego wall to open up a safe hole to attack him with and then keep firing those pizzas to win the battle

Step 18: Still not done yet - button mash through the text and the end credits and when you see Pepper outside his house again with the glitch that means the run is fully over and call your time

And that, as they say, is that!

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