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I'm happy to see years 5-7 added in the 1-7 collection runs but was wondering why is ps4 version not allowed? How much different is it to pc/xbox one version?

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As of right now, they are reworking the page, as they want to include the Load Remover. So first, be patient about submitting runs. Secondly, you can enter the discord server (which is on the left side of this site) and submit your suggestions (I agree that there must be an option for all the platforms. But, just be patient or when submitting, make sure that you submit to the "1-7 Collection" categories and as of right now, put that the run is on PC and on the comments write that the run was performed on PS4). You can also use the server to ask questions about the run and also to share your progress. Everyone will be willing to help. Also, GL on this journey, it'll be fun.

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