Story Mode - Solo in 2h 43m 07s by ChimkinChimkin (Obsolete)

First run with new route. Large Mistakes all over the place. Should be beaten soon.

Once again submitted under the wrong category.

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Name Duration Finished at
-5-1: Dark Times 9m 03s 584ms 9m 03s
-DADA Banned 6m 49s 223ms 15m 52s
-Thestrals/Glacius 4m 32s 841ms 20m 25s
-5-2: Dumbledore's Army 5m 43s 136ms 26m 08s
-Dueling 3m 46s 016ms 29m 54s
-Weasley Boxes 4m 24s 175ms 34m 18s
-5-3: Focus! 4m 11s 184ms 38m 30s
{Year 5} Diffindo 3m 04s 359ms 41m 34s
-Aguamenti Warp 3m 26s 812ms 45m 01s
-6-1: Out of Retirement 8m 05s 314ms 53m 06s
-Specs/Wack/Draught - -
-Dumbledore's Memories 11m 33s 935ms 1h 04m 40s
-6-2: Just Desserts 9m 10s 731ms 1h 13m 51s
-6-3: A Not So Merry Christmas 7m 29s 288ms 1h 21m 20s
{Year 6} Reducto 1m 09s 842ms 1h 22m 30s
-Warp/Walk/Diner 5m 21s 623ms 1h 27m 52s
-7-1: Seven Harrys 8m 59s 778ms 1h 36m 51s
-Warp to 8 3m 08s 733ms 1h 40m 00s
-8-1: The Thief's Downfall 5m 52s 224ms 1h 45m 52s
-8-2: Back to School 7m 51s 414ms 1h 53m 44s
-8-3: Burning Bridges 11m 49s 114ms 2h 05m 33s
-8-4: Fiendfyre Frenzy 7m 55s 558ms 2h 13m 28s
-8-5: Snape's Tears 7m 25s 418ms 2h 20m 54s
-Snape's Tears Freeplay - -
{Year 7} 8-6: The Flaw in the Plan 22m 13s 311ms 2h 43m 07s
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