Story Mode - Solo in 2h 48m 45s by ChimkinChimkin (Obsolete)

Really solid run with the route is was ran on. Only large mistake was the Ravenclaw warp not working as expected.

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Name Duration Finished at
-5-1: Dark Times 8m 55s 167ms 8m 55s
-DADA Banned 6m 48s 497ms 15m 43s
-Thestrals/Glacius 4m 31s 207ms 20m 14s
-5-2: Dumbledore's Army 5m 28s 568ms 25m 43s
-Dueling 3m 46s 336ms 29m 29s
-5-3: Focus! 4m 28s 293ms 33m 58s
-Diffindo 2m 57s 468ms 36m 55s
-5-4: Evil Dobby 6m 43s 279ms 43m 38s
-Patronum 3m 58s 896ms 47m 37s
-Grawp 4m 26s 512ms 52m 04s
-Legilimency 3m 16s 448ms 55m 20s
{Year 5} Weasley Boxes 4m 51s 453ms 1h 00m 12s
-Aguamenti Warp 3m 39s 380ms 1h 03m 51s
-6-1: Out of Retirement 7m 38s 373ms 1h 11m 29s
-Draught of the Living Dead 6m 09s 497ms 1h 17m 39s
-Dumbledore's Memories 3m 37s 968ms 1h 21m 17s
-6-2: Just Desserts 7m 08s 081ms 1h 28m 25s
-6-3: A Not So Merry Christmas 7m 40s 255ms 1h 36m 05s
{Year 6} Reducto 1m 10s 770ms 1h 37m 16s
-Warp/Walk/Diner 6m 30s 366ms 1h 43m 46s
-7-1: Seven Harrys 8m 27s 492ms 1h 52m 14s
-Warp to 8 3m 15s 294ms 1h 55m 29s
-8-1: The Thief's Downfall 5m 45s 121ms 2h 01m 14s
-8-2: Back to School 8m 12s 144ms 2h 09m 26s
-8-3: Burning Bridges 10m 20s 013ms 2h 19m 46s
-8-4: Fiendfyre Frenzy 7m 52s 850ms 2h 27m 39s
-8-5: Snape's Tears 7m 18s 445ms 2h 34m 58s
{Year 7} 8-6: The Flaw in the Plan 13m 46s 845ms 2h 48m 45s
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