Livesplit Load Remover

Load Remover only. No Autosplits. go to edit layout on live split- click the +- Go to control- Scriptable Autosplitter. swap timer in "comparing against" to Game Time. (direct download)

By HekiHeki


LEGO HP 1-4 100% file (old freeplay)

Put the SavedGames folder in C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\AppData\Roaming\WB Games\LEGO® Harry Potter™ (direct download)

By LosvikeNLosvikeN

Optimal Freeplay, ABL, and Replay Story Save

Same instructions as the 100% save (direct download)

By VichinoDDAVichinoDDA


Blank Full Game Splits

Blank splits for Story Mode,Replay Story,and Freeplay. Will need subsplits (direct download)

By Morpha22

Blank Splits for 100%

Blanks splits for 100%, based on the route in wr (requires subsplits) (EDIT: rerouted all the GBs + RBs into the 6th shop splits and removed the 7th shop split) (direct download)

By The379thHeroThe379thHero