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Ok... I have a post, now.. in the kingdom: new lands forum.. thanks for the repply!



I have a video with a speedrun (all in a row). The video contains the Islands 1 to 5.

Its the only video in the category "favourites", inside my Twitch channel "leugim_678". I need to put my video here, in, or you (the moderators) can confirm my world record thanks to my video in Twitch?

Good day/night!



I made a World record in Twitch, days ago.. in a row the Islands 1 to 5, and i have the video in Twitch (like a repetition), but in my video's carpet of my pc too.

The video in Twitch its ok for you, for look if the WR its well done?

If not, i can send the record of the video.. good day!


Hi all. I made it a World record days ago, for the Kingdom: New Lands game... but, i think the moderators of that game, are inactive.

How to put my name, time and video here, in this page.. ?