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My main Idea is have a video guide or some guides of the various strats ( I could handle that).

As well as having Resources available in the Resources tab (Like the APKs of the older versions of the game).

One more thing is actually quite a big thing to do that I, unfortunately can't do at the moment. That this is submitting leo's Fortune to a GDQ, NASA, or ESA Marathon. A marathon would be potentially the best way to grow the speedrunning community. I have been on and off of leo's fortune for a bit so I probably wouldn't be the best pick for a marathon any ways.

but anyways, I'd love to see other ways of growing this community we got going here.


Sure if you feel like adding the resource, do that!
You can also add Guides yourself! That's what the Feature of the site is for 😃
It really would be great to be in a Marathon, but I doubt it would get accepted 🙁


"It really would be great to be in a Marathon, but I doubt it would get accepted"

I could submit it when I can afford a flight. just not for 2016 runs. Also I probably would not be able to do early 2017. but whenever I can I would LOVE to do this game in a marathon. and maybe asking other leo runners to go on the couch. to explain my corner jumps and whatnot.

But I do see what you mean. This game isn't really all that popular for speedrunning. There are tons of unsubmitted ILs. and not many runners.

Here are things they look for in Submissions in GDQ submissions as of the SGDQ 2016 form.

Has the runner performed a run at our event before? How did it go? No.

Is the runner's time a competitive time? Yes

If multiple people have submitted a run, is this runner's time the fastest of them? N/A

Has the game been in our events or other speedrunning events before? How did it perform there? Is it a crowd favorite (donations / viewers / crowd sentiment), or does it need to take a break? I don't think it has been in an event

Has the runner dropped a run unreasonably, or previously been a no-show? No

How consistent are runs of this game? Can the run be reliably completed, or is there a risk of run-ending bad luck or mistakes? Somewhat consistent. Most if not all timelosses are very small and runs are mostly dependent on player preformance.

Is the game entertaining by its own merits? Does that entertainment value translate well to a wider audience? I would like to think so. With a wide variety of game elements to watch out for as well as fun commentary I think we can make it work.

If the game is long, such as an RPG, does it have many potential donation incentives? Does it have nostalgia in its favor? Is the gameplay entertaining or exciting? Does it have downtime for donation reading? it is not long. About 45-55 minutes.

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I am currently planning to submit a bunch of youtube annotated ILs in the guides section. This will be a little long-term as I will need to re-record almost all IL levels.

Will be simple but hopefully helpful.