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I would love to own an official plush toy from Leo's Fortune both in the original colour and the red colour (hardcore mode)

I wrote to Iam8bit ( which making official merchandise for brands (Monument Valley among other) but they said that there products depend on customer demands, contracts and license.

I wrote to Leo's Fortune as well and ask what they think about the idea of getting in touch with Iam8bit but they havent answers yet.

Leo's Fortune has 6.500 like on Facebook so I think there would be a market for it.

What do you think about they idea? Do you like it?
And do you have any suggestions about other companys there might find it interesting to make a Leo's Fortune plush merchandise?

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I don't think there is really much of an active market for it unfortunately 🙁


I used to think the red leo was left over from the beta testers and till I won hardcore mode and now I know what it's for


My daughter (7) and I loved (46) playing Leo's Fortune. Since there is no official plush toy, she built one.

See here:

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