Lenna's Inception Speedrun Tricks

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Speedrunning Basics
Tutorial videos by TRSCrazyP

Cutscene Skip
End of dungeon cutscenes can be skipped by using the bike immediately after dismissing the heart pickup dialog. In level 8 the skip can be performed after the Power of Truth dialog.
Discovered by TRSCrazyP

Fast Tentaluchus Bounce
Tentaluchus can be forced to end their bouncing attack early by standing in the center of the bottom of the screen. See the following video for an example of how to correctly position.

Discovered by several players, researched by QuantumZari

Lab Left Side Skip
The lighter and spring can be used to jump large gaps by jumping while performing a dash. This can be used to skip the entire left side of the Lab basement. It is also possible to make the jump using a speed tunic or potion in combination with the spring by jumping diagonally from the lowest point..
Discovered by several players

Palace Fast Route
Version 3 of the Palace route takes about 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Routed by QuantumZari

Chairman Gammon No Bull Phase
Chairman Mammon can be forced to skip the bull attack phase by intentionally taking damage by running into him. Wait for Mammon to turn red before doing this.
Discovered by TRSCrazyP

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