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So, I've went ahead for now, and eliminated the subcategories for this specific issue.

The reason mostly being that's there is no great way on the back end of the leader boards without it mostly showing up on all sorts of runs it wouldn't really be relevant for.

I do have a couple possible ideas that would make it better (but not perfect), but I should be able to do without needing to per-determine what the runs are.

If demand for there to be a category free of using the ESC button, I will look into it again.

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Well, the 'run' that didn't use Escape, which you found on YouTube, wasn't really a speedrun anyway, as the player usually saved all Lemmings possible, instead of saving the minimum required.


Lol, I didn't notice this:

"he also used to graphics option for High-Performance PC's, which makes the fade-out happen more slowly"

I just always chose it just cause. I did notice though that when you ESC, it stop the timers, and goes to fade out, but you still have that small amount of time during the fade out to get enough lemmings to meet the victory condition.