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I just casually encountered a glitch where in JPIII, after the family reunion, in the hub world you have to get past a door to get to the "bird cage". As Amanda, I jumped onto the roof of the building, and swapped characters. All the characters followed Amanda and glitched through the door.

However, there is nothing to do there as I do not have the sufficient abilities, and the next level's trigger does not activate. I had to reload my save, which luckily re-positioned me outside of the building, so I could continue as normal.

This does show potential for different glitches elsewhere, although I am not sure where.


After the completing the prolouge, I found a glitch that lets Ellie Satler glitch through the gate instead of having John Hammond put in his code. I'm still working on optimizing this, but if you keep walking using ellie, all the charactors will teleport to you at the next gate, and you'll skip a 1m 20s cutscene.


Feel free to post the video link to said glitches.


@Zaveguin If you could tell us how to do it, that would be great


Yea, I'll see if I can record it today. 😃


I've found two glitches useful in the run 😃

Ellie Jelly skip: Ellie Sattler goes through a gate and you skip a cutscene

Prologue Jump: If you jump at a certain angle, you can skip doing the ground pound, and a small cutscene.


Thanks Zave for letting us know, i find the prologue jump VERY useful. The fence jump needs a LOT of practicing to get it right.


I think that's all I can find in the first park. I'm dedicating my time to Lost World now. 😃


I found a glitch where a got a T-rex and a Dilophosaurus up to a place where your supposed to get up there with a velosiraptor. It could possibly save a few seconds in a 100% run. I will try to do it again and record it.


Thanks for showing the glitch Ethan, was this in regular story mode or in freeplay? (Just Wondering)


there is a glitch where if you place in an egg in a nest and then switch characters right after pressing the button to put the egg in, the egg is put in, but still stays in the character's hand and can be put in.