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Hey, because 1 second is a lot on some levels and the skill required to do some levels get down because of the time glitch, I decided to add a new RTA category for the Steam version of the game only.

Here are the rules.

For this category, and this category only, the run is timed with real time (RTA) and uses millis.
Timer start at the first frame after the black transition at the start of a level and and at the first frame where the Scientist white explosion circle appears.

Exemple : the first playable frame is at 0.25 seconds and the circle appears at 8.23 seconds. The final time is 8.23 - 0.25 = 7.98 seconds.

Timer needed.
(No Android/iOS Version/Switch/PS here)

Have a nice day.


Thank you because you kill him in 6 seconds but the game registers it as 7