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I am just uncertain on how the run should be timed.

If you noticed in Trajan's run, it starts where the rules say it starts at, (the 0:12 mark) but if go to the 5:39:00 mark (where the run supposedly ends) it's not at the results of the final special assignment it's the end of final free falling segment in Fly Me to the Moon. I don't know if his run should actually be 5:39:10 (which is how long it took him to get to the assignment results) or the rules are incorrect.

If you are one of the moderators reading this, I would like to have my concern resolved since I do plan to do a run today (maybe a different day, who knows) and want to time it the way you want the run timed.

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Sure thing, and Thanks.

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Hello WalkekGkay,

Thanks for letting me know this, because I made the rules for any% and forgot to make a small change in the rules a long time ago.

Basically the timer is suppose to end the MOMENT after you lose control of your character in the free-falling portion of the level, and I know for a fact that I DID change the rules, however I think I might have forgotten to save it before leaving the web page 😵

I will go ahead and change the rules so that you don't have to worry about it. Thanks once again for letting me know this, and if you have any other questions then feel free to ask! My twitter is @NintendoBlackC


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You're welcome,

I was going to follow the rules for timing the run no matter what they say, so I wasn't extremely worried. I do plan on doing an run tomorrow, with a video, I think you enjoy it when I post it.

And I will make sure to follow the rules to the best of my ability.

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