Undercover% - Remaster (Console), Solo in 59m 18s by loopyloopy (Obsolete)

Time starts at: 0:09
Time ends at: 59:27

Better but still pretty bad.

Controllers: Two

Played on PlayStation 4 on

Submitted by loopyloopy on

Verified by kcajkcaj on


Name Duration Finished at
Police Station 7m 05s 706ms 7m 05s
Arresting the Clowns 9m 16s 973ms 16m 22s
Some Assaults Start 6m 04s 292ms 22m 26s
Some Assaults 3m 26s 252ms 25m 53s
Talking to Blue 8m 22s 945ms 34m 16s
Trouble in Stir 4m 48s 690ms 39m 04s
Train & Shift 4m 14s 961ms 43m 19s
Miner Altercation 5m 30s 352ms 48m 50s
Kung Fool Start 2m 09s 876ms 51m 00s
Kung Fool 3m 22s 288ms 54m 22s
Saving Frank (Done) 4m 55s 775ms 59m 18s
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