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Hey, I've been thinking about attempting a run of this game, but was wondering: can I use any of the numerous cheat codes that this game has? Maybe there could be a separate category for this? I don't know. Thanks.

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Cheat codes would have to be an entirely new category as some of the things you unlock will give you an advantage over a non-cheat run, such as invincibility or faster walking. Invincibility would allow you to just walk through most combat situations you would otherwise have to fight through.

If you were wanting a chance to use the power bricks though, a 100% run may be for you. Although there are no rules set currently, they would probably be something like:
Time starts when you press "New Game"
Time ends when you press Finish/Continue story after 100% your last level, OR you purchase the last collectable.
You are allowed to use any item you purchase, including Red Bricks and Upgrades.
Cheat codes are not allowed.

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Power Blocks are different from cheat codes. As far as I know the cheat codes instantly unlock the red bricks, while finding and earning the red bricks requires you to also purchase them with studs.

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I would only use cheat codes in a run that's a cheat% run, where cheats are allowed. The leaderboards for this game does'int have a cheat% section, so maybe make a cheat% run, then see if the mods would add a cheat% category.

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If you want to do a run that involves having red bricks, do replay story or free play. Story runs are played as game intended. Replay story is the alternative, with different strats because you have invincibility etc which makes things safer and can play riskier.

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