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Timing changed from ending when you press Finish Story, Batcave, or Arkham Asylum to ending when you lose control of your character.

The time taken off for the previously submitted runs is outlined below:

Story mode:
Xbox 360: 15s (end on 2-5), 12s (end on 3-5), 14s (end on 5-5), 16s (end on 6-5)
PC: 17s (end on 2-5), 13s (end on 3-5 or 6-5)
Wii: 14s (end on 3-5)
PS2: 16s (end on 3-5)
Xbox One: 17s (end on 3-5), 14s (end on 6-5)

Free Play:
All consoles: 7s (end on any level)

Replay Story:
All consoles: 8s (end on any level)

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