All viable strategies for ps2 Version,
1 year ago

I’ve gotten my ps2 run down to around an hour and 40 with all strats that I have been able to discover but as most here know u can not frame rate clip thru anything on ps2 theres no way to manipulate it, was wondering if people have alternative strats for areas that need fps clips like the skip in 3-1 for example

Or the poison ivy skip


As an experienced PlayStation® 3™ speedrunner of this game, FDTs that require a lot of fps (90+) are not viable for these consoles, however, FDTs that require game lag - like A Poisonous Appointment Room 4 skip (is what i think you are refering to) - should work on PlayStation®2™. To achive it on PS®3™ you need to press home button to make game lag, i have never played this game on PS®2™ so i don't know how it works on that console, but im pretty sure it should work the same. For more info, join LEGO® Batman®: The videogame™ Discord server at

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