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Forum: Cyber Tiger

Thread: New Categories and Rules

Started by: brocis420brocis420

i just recently got the game for my n64 and am able to record runs, i am excited for more categories!

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Forum: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Thread: Green Star Order

Started by: BaronBrrrrettBaronBrrrrett

there was recently a guide added for green stars thonking

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: Chinese

Started by: FrickFrick

5 words



Help channel in discord exists

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: first run

Started by: aqpleaqple

comments like this are better put in the discord, not the forums

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Forum: Mario Golf

Thread: Allowing Wii U VC

Started by: laurelDXlaurelDX

So i was talking with Astandard about this in his stream where if we could allow just Wii U VC For all courses and other categories. The reasoning for ONLY Wii U VC is because with wii shop being down, the only way to get it on wii vc would be to get a wad via wad manager, which is piracy, and we dont want to force people to pirate the game in order to do runs on Speedgolf. On Wii U VC the game is 9.99 like most n64 vc games, and a way for us to tell that the runner is indeed on wii u vc is to have them hit the wii u touch pad and bring up the vc menu. I feel like allowing Wii U VC would open up the community more due to how difficult it is to get cartridges now adays. Granted this run won't get into GDQ based on their opinions on golf speedruns but its still an option to open up the community

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