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I'm starting to learning this game and this category and my question is: death warps are allowed in this category for example in dungeons or must be totally deathless?


I think you can die. But if you die at a spot which is faster to die, the run isn't elligible.


In fact, I know you can die, I die in almost all of my runs.

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If you INTENTIONALLY die, then the run is invalid. If you die by accident then there is nothing wrong with the run. A dungeon doesn't have to be deathless, just death-warp-less 😉


On intentional deaths. For example, entering Armos Maze with half a heart after the fight for the Face Key. If you take a death there to refill your hearts, in my book that's ok as you're actually making your run slower... What are other peoples thoughts?


I think we should vote on banning deaths Kappa


This exact scenario has been discussed before. The ruling was this:

You are allowed to die in the run. You are allowed to intentionally die, as long as it does not reset Link's position in an advantageous way (in other words, you are allowed to die to refill hearts). Unintentionally dying that also resets Link's position in advantageous way is also banned (like dying to the nightmare key jump in D5 "by mistake").

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thx guys now I understand 🙂