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Hey, I was wondering if I could play on a game boy advance as well as how I should record it. Thanks!

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Yes you can play on a GBA. The only consoles banned are the Gameboy, the Super Gameboy, and the 3DS - all due to inaccuracies - though the Gameboy is only banned for the DX version, not the original. You can record with a webcam or even a capture device, however the latter is far from cheap to the point where getting a Gameboy Player is likely the better option. With a webcam, make sure the game screen is clearly in focus and easy to see. The best way of going about this is mounting the camera face-down on a tripod, then positioning the console below the camera. Here's a good reference to go by for what is acceptable: Notice how the screen never gets out of focus and doesn't get clipped by the edges of the field of view.

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GameBoy/SGB2 are actually allowed for LADX. You can't complete 100% (due to Colour Dungeon not being doable on GB) but it's technically allowed. You'd just never have a reason to want to do so.

Only SGB1 and 3DS VC are banned for inaccuracy (as far as official platforms go).

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Okay. Thank you very much! You guys are so helpful. I think I'll try this!