Although this debate seems almost over, nor did i read the majority of it, and my input is most likely not at all significant anymore:
I believe redefining the rules is good, and tweaking things such as disallowing blaino skip and the one in d6 (which wouldn't lose much time, prob like 5s at most) would be a good thing. However, creating new rulesets for the second time this year is just angering to runners, and although i dont play the game anymore just reading about changes in rulesets makes me unhappy. Anyway, hope you guys sort this all out. gl 🙂



Also, every Thursday should be Free Ice Cream Day.


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I think OoB should be defined as transitioning while inside of a solid wall or transitioning into a solid wall. A solid wall would be something you cannot walk on(aka you get stuck) and cannot be destroyed. I'm not thinking too deeply into this definition because I already know the ruleset isn't going to change and I know that nobody will like this definition. Just an idea.


"cannot be destroyed." That would mean D5 boss key skip is allowed =). As you can jump into the room where the keylock is, and object which you can "destroy".


I thought about that, and I was thinking maybe make the definition for a solid be "cannot be destroyed or requires consumable item(bombs, keys, boss keys, arrows) to be destroyed" this makes the definition more dependable, and bans the ceiling walk shortcut in d1(even though its more interesting than watching link walk all the way around tbh) as well as jumping over/transitioning on locked doors.

Although, we can do without this definition and just allow jumping over doors. Then there's less backtracking in no s+q, making it an even less necessary category 😉 (im joking, although it was never necessary to begin with hehe)


oops made a mistake in that, DOES require consumable items to be destroyed. i'll edit it but just in case anyone saw that before i did...


My understanding now is this:
We basically defined OoB as standing/walking on ("unreachable" - the game didn't intend that Link's sprite is on one of those tiles) ceiling tiles and transitioning to another screen through a wall.
Maybe we could also ban standing in walls/solid objects in general (would only affect the backward D6 SJ afaik). SJs shouldn't be banned though, because we sort of jump over a wall/solid object and don't really walk through.
Don't know if that makes sense, someone will probably find one or a thousand loopholes in my definition.

But I think we are definitely getting somewhere and we can all start running this game again 🙂


so is it safe to assume that everything stay the same except for D6 and D8 miniboss skip?


The D6 jump is not OoB and never will be. Considering the fact that Link can jump there, he is not in the red zone that people think he is in. I don't even know why this should even be banned, or why there's even concern about it. We can flock clip, sure, but that is not a good reason to ban something that doesn't break the rules at all. If we do that, it may just cause confusion in the future. And nobody wants that, do they?


Ok ok ok 😃
My vote also goes to the old ruleset, except for banning Blaino skip for the future.