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I've always wanted to run AI, but didn't like the DX run that much. Or rather, learning it with no resources was a pain.
So after a long time, I looked at LA's run and decided to create a new route, implementing ICS.
I don't know much about LA, so I am sure the route is improvable or might change drastically with other glitches like that no clip thing when swimming.
I can write a more detailed route if someone wants me to, but this is the general idea.
You can watch Z's run here for a video reference:

All Instruments Route:
Firerod + L2 Bracelet >> S+Q
Enter D2 >> D3 >> P.Boots >> D4 >> Flippers >> D4I (ICS)
(you can get D2I first, but it's nice having the boots to set up screen warps with bonking against walls. Failing ICS is annoying because you need to perform a screen warp in water to get back to D2)
D2 >> D2I (ICS)
D2 >> D3 >> Load D3 >> S+Q (for whatever reason, doing S+Q at this point will spawn you in D3 and not D2)
D3 >> D4 >> D5 >> D5I ICS! (Failing ICS means you have to go back to D2 to re-enter D3, so you either get it or reset)
D3 >> D3I (ICS) (failing ICS is no big deal here since you want to leave D3 either way)
Rooster Grave >> D1 >> Feather >> D1I (ICS) (failing ICS means you despawn the owl outside and screen warp up to the grave again)
Rooster Grave >> D6 >> D6I (no ICS!) (no ICS so you can walk to the cave to access D7 from D6's entrance instead of the Rooster Grave)
Walk to cave for D7.
D7 >> D7I ICS! (ICS here is necessary because you'll be stuck outside otherwise and this route skips the flute)
D7 >> D8I (no ICS!) (ICS spawns you back in D7, getting to D8's entrance from there is a pain)
D8 >> Dethl

Major difference is of course ICS, but also skipping the ocarina and health potion (since there's no convenient way to get it).
Combined, it makes, together with Dethl, for a pretty punishing, but fun run.