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Thread: Sand Hill

Started by: lMilesllMilesl

Hi there. I wanted to ask, if its allowed to speedrun the Sand Hill through the "Trial", and then add timer via the video editor? Or it is necessary to do it in the Story mode when you chase Froggy?


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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Hello there. So, Flatout: Ultimate Carnage has pretty inactive moderators right now. Some guy asked a question about the category in forums, and in 2 months none of 3 moderators answered, so i had to do it myself. Also, 2 of 3 moderators weren't logging in for 2 years already. So, I want to become Moderator of this game. I know it really good, even have Top 100 (and probably top 50, if you will exclude cheaters from leaderboards) time on some tracks.


Forum: FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Thread: New categories

Started by: lMilesllMilesl

Hello there. I think FOUC needs more categories. Like Derby class, Race Class, Street Class, and of corse, the Individual Levels speedruns. Because completing the whole game is too long, so few people are interested in it, as you can see.