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Hmm, I did send it to your Twitch on August 5th, I see the message in my outbox. I will try again just in case something went wrong, and I made a few mistakes in that message too that I fixed, so oops!

Hopefully that sorts it out for you. I have no idea about running it on Linux, though.

  DerpduckDerpduck won't work on linux, compatibility for linux was only added much later.


Yeah doesn't work on linux the first version of the game on linux was in august 2012


Can anyone send me Version? I have but it fixed the pipe bomb/explosion exploit that allowed you to quick switch weapons to float over places.


Join the L4D2 Speedrunning Discord to get version, it works a lot better than one. Its gonna be avaible in #old_version_downloads chat.


You can find the link to that Discord in the bar to the left. Version is the only one that has the infinite stumble glitch you mentioned, it was patched immediately by Valve after release.