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I really want to start speedrunning on Left 4 Dead 2 but I can't seem to be able to put a timer over my video, yes I'm stupid -.-. Am I forced to put a timer over my video or can I submit it without any timer at all, I've heard I won't be allowed because Moderators would have to manually take away the loading times but I need to know.


dont need a timer. just clear footage of the gameplay.


All that is required is clear footage of live gameplay with no segmenting or mods and audio that is audible enough for the duration to confirm that no sound addons were being used. Additionally, you either need to have your cursor showing in the recording (which pops up in the center when loading starts) or have the red "4" unobscured in the upper-right of the screen for the purpose of load removal. So, yes, you're fine without a timer. See this thread for general rules that apply throughout all runs unless otherwise specified in their individual rules,

Where did you hear that you wouldn't be allowed to submit without a timer being shown? Unless it's from around here by a mod such as myself or on our Discord server (see the sidebar to the left for a link), it might not be "official", so to speak.


Thanks to both of you, I have another question. I submitted my run for a co-op run on main campaigns and it said it was submitted but the video doesn't appear on my profile. Is it supposed to or is it only when the actual run is VERIFIED will it appear? If you could possibly check if I did indeed submit it that'd be great but otherwise just a clarification of if it should show up on my profile or not is fine. EDIT: Nevermind I looked at Pending Actions and it is indeed there, thanks anyways for the help!


"won't be allowed because then moderators would have to manually take away loading times" we already do that for every run, having a timer on the video or not


Do not scold for my english and what I decided to write here. My game sometimes crashes to the main menu. I can continue the run if i start with a broken chapter?


You can continue the run but if the crash was in the middle of a campaign you would need to start the campaign over. I think the relevant part of the rules you're looking for is this,

"For runs that have multiple campaigns, they can be played in any order you'd like, but each campaign must be played in a single server, from its first map to its last."


If I don't have a timer, will moderators calculate the time?