Death Toll: Solo - No Speedglitch in 14m 04s by SkippyySkippyy - 5th place

no bhop solo
RTA is 14:33:12
Time without loading screen is 13:03
First full run of this campaign so i'm ok with that! Probably lots of improvements possible.

This was done on the latest version of the game, available on steam.

Master edit: New, true loadless time is 14:04.433 (old 13:03 was WAY off in ANY timing method, no idea what that was) (Jan 2017)

Version: Newest

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Name Duration Finished at
death toll 1 1m 19s 408ms 1m 19s 408ms
death toll 2 2m 01s 899ms 3m 21s 308ms
death toll 3 3m 36s 6m 57s 308ms
death toll 4 2m 07s 464ms 9m 04s 772ms
death toll 5 5m 28s 357ms 14m 33s 129ms
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