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Thread: Separate character times.

Started by: ElephantOfDestinyElephantOfDestiny

Thanks for the suggestion! Sorry I have missed it until now. I'll gladly put up individual level boards, but I'd like at least one of them to be occupied first. If you're interested in submitting and IL run, DM me on discord and we'll work it out. 🙂


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Thread: DFF Odysseys% ruleset

Started by: 0megaPhenix0megaPhenix

If we were looking for an easy way to fix WOL alone, we could just adjust his category to "Prologue and Destiny Odyssey I" and have it start from START. It doesn't solve the other pre-run abuse problems but it is something. I am not a fair judge for invalidating runs because, frankly, my name isn't on this leaderboard yet, so I have nothing to lose.

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Thread: Thoughts on Emulator for Handheld any%?

Started by: kyonlionkyonlion

Thanks for the reply. I'll pick up the PC version when I can ^^ I completely understand about the emulator though.


Forum: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Thread: Thoughts on Emulator for Handheld any%?

Started by: kyonlionkyonlion


I'm thinking about picking this up as a speedgame, and I would love to play the PSP version but do not have a PSP capture setup. I am wondering if you would still count the run as valid if it were played on PPSSPP with frame lock and no speedup, etc? Thanks ^^


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Thread: Any% Slots Questions

Started by: Warr90Warr90


First thing I'll say is that PAL runs at a slightly lower framerate so NTSC is preferred if playing on PS2. May not sound like a lot but it does add up quickly.

PC slots currently does not have a leaderboard, as the any% route includes Yuffie Warping to Debug Room to bypass a large portion of the game. If you are considering doing a PC slots run, there are many similarities but the stepcount is definitely different compared to PS2 slots.

Hope this helps ^^


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Thread: Xbox 360 controller question (steam version)

Started by: W1GL3TW1GL3T

Welcome W1G!

There are a few (so many) options for controller configurations and such, but XPadder is generally accepted as a simple and lightweight solution. It does mean running the XPadder program in the background whenever playing, but it is quite customizable and easy to set up. XPadder recently went paid (10.99 one time payment) but there is an older, freeware version available.


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Thread: About to start running WoFF

Started by: Zell8888Zell8888

Welcome Zell8888!

We've got a pretty active discord channel on the FF speedrunning server that has a great wealth of knowledge. I'd invite you to join in the discussion. We're all very friendly! Here's a one time use invite that expires 24h from now:


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Thread: Petitioning for PS4 to be added to list

Started by: kyonlionkyonlion


I would like to submit a run for the RTA category, but I have been playing it on the NTSC PS4 version of the game. Since I do not see this option in the drop-down list, I thought I would rather make this post than just submit it as a vita run, in case there was any confusion.

Please let me know if this is doable, because I have a WR run ready to be submitted for verification 🙂