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Hello all! After running this game for a while and having a lot of fun with it, I was thinking about the src leaderboards.
Although only few people run this game (what I can't really understand tbh 🙁 ) I wonder if the lb shouldn't be made a bit more systematic. I suggest the following:

Put three main categories on top:
• kuso
• LOVE+kuso

Give all three categories two sub categories:
• Any%
• 100%

This will reflect game mode names directly from the game and leaderboard descriptions from the Steam leaderboards which will feel a lot more consistent with the game.

The other categories from the Demo can either stay next to them or get into the MISC section, I don't know if there is much interest in running those. Also, I think an IL board could be fun. We might have one on Steam with unbreakable WRs but having one here will allow Switch players to compete as well and users would be able to watch the recording of that level.

Furthermore, retime runs if necessary. I don't know if everybody is aware, but majoneesi has mentioned this in their WR description: The ingame timer is actually incorrect and will always display the final frame digit as the final decimal, which is not correct. Fortunately, as we have the exact frame count on the stats screen, we can easily derive the correct ingame time from there.
I have informed Fred Wood about this on Twitter and he stated that he "should fix that", so hopefully ingame time will soon be correct, although with only one digit after the comma, it is maybe still better to re-calculate ingame time from frames.

I know such a task isn't done in a few clicks and many runs would have to get migrated and re-timed, but I think the lb would get a lot leaner and more logical. Some time ago I went through retiming the whole 140 lb myself, so I know what kind of a task this is. 😃 If mods want, I would help out with this! 🙂

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Seconding the above, especially the inconsistencies in the leaderboard.
The timing rules are unfortunate, so I suggest using Zet and Gelly's autosplitter and ranking runs by RTA until IGT can be fixed.

Also, I'd like to throw my name in the pool of potential helpers for this undertaking. I moderate BattleBlock Theater, Mojo! and the event pages of a Speedrunning event (UKSG) on this website and I have used all of the features of a game's leaderboard extensively. If you need a hand with this, I can certainly help


As i would love to add more mods the main modder has to add moderators i can ask if he is ok with giving me Super mod and have Zet change it cause im going through a lot atm I will try my best to do it myself but dont hold you hands high


UPDATE i have talked to him he has decided to allow those things so Zet if you want to change things up cause i dont have time atm you can do that before i head off i will look at the runs that still need to be verified and then when Fabi gets home he will give you mod and ethier remove or move Demo mode

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Ok, you both are mods now, and can change things at your leisure, if you need anything else hit me up in Discord: FabiRay#1005


I have updated to see all Any and 100% I will work on DEMO i had some time in the morning to show all sub catigories but demo i think we dont need that anymore but what do you guys think?


Demo can be moved as a miscellaneous category, there's no need to delete it outright, an archive of what was will do.


Spent a hot minute finding VODs again and retiming any run that I could find the VOD for.
A few issues:
1) I could not find any of OSkilled's runs that verify his times, only runs that were slightly above the listed time. Don't know what to do about those
2) Can no longer find majoneesi's Twitch so I can't verify his times and retime them. This has led to Oxylen taking the kuso Demo WR,despite the fact that with the IGT system for the demos majo has WR (the millisecond digits in the demos are copied from the last three digits in the frame counter, making majo's time a 49.083)

What could we do about these issues?


ok i have updated everything hope there isnt anything i forgot


Majoneesi's Twitch is
I'm relinking the VODs.