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Majoneezi said in his WR comments that he wrote an autosplitter for this game. I'd be interested in putting this on Livesplit so i can use it for runs.

Is there a chance we can get it uploaded somewhere?

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Its not really an auto splitter, it only show the time using the in game frame but is a little bit out of sync because of the orb that remove time.

I'm pretty sure you won't be able to split level with it if that's why you're asking for it but you should ask him just to be sure. You can find his twitch in his vod and his steam on the steam leaderboard if you want a way to contact him

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Okay, with the help of Gelly we just went on and created an actually working autosplitter for the game! 🙂 Here's what it does:

• Sync IGT with the game's framecounter
• Starts upon starting any game mode (tested with speedrun kuso, LOVE and LOVE+kuso but should theoretically work on any mode)
• Restart upon resetting the game
• Reset upon exiting to main menu
• Splitting during a level progression
• Ending when the run is beaten and stats are shown (tested in speedrun mode only but should theoretically work on all game modes)

Here's a link to the ASL file.

I'll see if I can make it the official autosplitter for this game, so you can activate it via the livesplit menu as soon as "kuso" is selected as the game. Have fun running the game! 😃

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Noice dud, now add it to the "Resources" page


When you can confirm that it works, I'll upload it to my GitHub instead and make it so LiveSplit automatically recognizes the file when the game is set to kuso. 🙂

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Works quite nicely. Might have to update my SFX to adapt to the new autosplitter.
Uploaaaaad iiiiiit!!!
If you make it so that Livesplit automatically recognises it, you will have saved me some effort of recreating my layouts. ❤️


I just did the pull request. Need to wait for verification and merge, then it should be available directly through livesplit! 🙂
If we ever switch the game's name to the correct spelling of "kuso" I might have to adjust that, but until then we good as soon as it's verified.
I also did a little tweak - well Gelly did, as usual - and removed a block which was no longer necessary. File is still the same in my dropbox link.


do you want me to change the spelling correctly?

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If you don't mind, I would prefer it, but it's a bit of an OCD. 🙂

ALSO The autosplitter is available now! Simply go to Edit Splits... and activate it there. Voilà!

(Also if the category could be called "LOVE+kuso any%" as it is referred to in the Steam leaderboards.)

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Nice to see some action on the boards.

Referring to some earlier posts - it is an autosplitter. You can see the splits at the very end of my current WR video mentioned in the OP, when I switch the livesplit layout from timer only to timer + splits:

Here's my splitters for kuso / kuso demo / LOVE: https:/​/​neesi.​github.​io/​autosplitters/​

Here's a time conversion tool: https:/​/​neesi.​github.​io/​frames/​

Good luck to your run at ESA, Zet and Paulister!

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