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Better late than never. Let’s give this mode some love. The most recent WR was in 2020. Cyber score excludes emulator players aka players who can’t afford the investment of capture card, a 3DS and a Japan cart .

I’d say adding HTH to the misc. categories and having it be “Any Helper” is the best idea and it would make it very simple. Yes, everyone’s gonna use Bonkers. He’s the most optimal.

Please let’s make this happen! Who’s with me ? 😁

Btw I will literally reach out to the HTH runners, all of em and tell them to submit their runs to the new board if this happens. I felt the need to make this post because I’m personally going for the record and i don’t want to have to pay 300+ dollars just to be counted on cyber score. Let’s include the new players by bringing the board to Speedrun!

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: The idea of a category extension has been suggested to me . Using category extension we could have a separate mod team (if you wanted) I personally volunteer. All helpers could be represented on this board and it can give us a place to put extra / memey categories.

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I know it’s 8 months late but I agree with this. I have a 4:04 run from a while back that I’d love to submit and I was frankly surprised to see that there wasn’t a Helper to Hero leaderboard.


Great idea! There should also be an "All Helpers" category


Honestly, I'd just say a sub-category for each helper would do.
There's no need for the leaderboard to be infested with Bonkers.
That and heck, the True Arena WRs are usually done with Copy + Mike + Hammer, where that wouldn't fit, while in HtH you're locked to one character.
Either this or how the leaderboard is done for Star Allies' Ultimate Choice, idk.

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I think it'd be best to do it the way Star Allies' Ultimate Choice or ??? Guest Star Allies has it, where it also shows what character was used.

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