Meta Knightmare Ultra Speedrun Notes
Meta Knightmare Ultra Speedrun Notes
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Here are my notes on this cool KSSU mode for you to use to improve your time :3
        - Movement Speeds
First of all, you have to remember that different ways of moving yourself around have variable speeds depending on what you do, this is the most important thing to remember:
Dash (>>B) > running jump (>>A) > running (>>) > Frame perfect flaps (TAS.) > spinjumps (>>AB) = dropslash (>A) > flaps (>A_A_A) > walking (>)
        - Drop Double Jump (DDJ)
This trick is performed by dropping off a ledge, then pressing first B, then A.
What this trick does is, as we understand it, store the property of you being able to jump (the game considers that you're still standing on a platform).
However when you press A after dropping a ledge, it will flap your wings, no jumps there.
What you have to do is release the storage, there are limited ways of releasing it and what i tested and happened to work is dropslash (B when dropping) or bonk on a wall (trigger the bouncing animation).
Finally, now that the stored property is released, all you have to do is press A to jump.
Yay! you just glitched the game \o/
It's really easy to do, what i do basically is: Drop -> BA (quickly)
there are some very convenient uses for this trick, like the little jump after beating Mr.Frosty in LVL4 (Halberd), and some other that you might discover by yourself (i'd be very pleased if you did so :)
        - Individual Level Strats
                LVL1 - Spring Breeze - VIDEO:
Screen 1:
        Get at least two points there, so you can Meta-quick right afetr Poppy Bro in the second screen. you can get 4 points, but getting more make it really slow. i usually get 11:29 ~ 11:30 time stop after getting the star.
Screen 2:
        My strat for Poppy bro is 3 long ranged hits (full life only) to prevent RNG, then dash-slash to kill him, and finally an upslash to finish him. Use Meta Quick as fast as possible after Poppy bro and try to slay two ennemies there (don't kill the tiger)
Screen 3:
        Get as fast as possible to the door, don't kill anyone. sometime the waddle doo fucks you up, you can avoid that by starting with a spinning jump (>>AB)
Whispy Woods:
        optimal movement is Slide (Down + A), align to the left hole, Downward Slash (Down + B), hold right, then Downward Slash right when you're touching the trunk of Whispy woods (The damage you do depends on how high you are on the trunk while doing the slash)
There are different strats to damage WW, the one i use is for consistency, it's basically Timed Upslashes (Up+B).
What you need to know is that WW takes more damage when you actually wait a little between two hits. optimal is a little bit above 1 second between each hit.
Some people might wnat to try the faster strat, by doing Quick Downward Slashes (A > down+B VERY quickly), but i think it's too inconsistent to use in a speedrun. The TAS guy might like it though.
Screen 5:
        What i do is Dash Slash the fighter while activating Meta Quick, kill the first squid only.
Screen 6:
        Kill Everything ヽ(#゚Д゚)ノ
Screen 7:
        Don't kill leo, you can kill everyone else, though i usually don't kill the last bird, because i gain some time doing so.
        You will have to Practice D:
Screen 9:
        Do two Dash Slashes, it kills the 3 enemies there.
Lololo & Lalala:
        MACH TORNADO   {{|}}   └(#゚Д゚)┘   {{|}}
Screen 11:
        Meta Quick as fast as possible.
There's a cool strat involving three dropslashes done successiveley to kill the three enemies on you way in this screen. Check the video.
Screen 12:
        Dash Slash as quickly as possible, you'll get hit by the spikes if you're too slow. jump and get to the door. Killing the Sir Kibble usually helps.
Screen 13:
        Do a Spinjump.
Cracko Jr.:
        My strat there is to dash to the right as quickly as possible, then do three Upslashes, and one Dash to the left. if done correctly that should be enough to kill him. It can however easily fail, so the only thing you have to do is normal slash him when he gets down.
Screen 15:
        Get on top of the blocks, then you can do a fancy dash on top of them, if timed right, you will kill the flower and keep your speed. you will sometimes need to kill the Poppy bro Jr., but it isn't necessary.
Screen 16:
        Make sure you have at least 20 points, if not just kill some people here. otherwise all you have to do is mash A. you can also jump on the platforms which is a little bit faster.
        Upslashes works well. be sure to time you upslashes, He takes more damage if you wait a little between each hit (Not the same timing as Whispy woods. a little faster.).
Screen 17:
        Door. Definitely the run killer. Practice a lot this room
        You have to do one Dash Slash before using a Mach Tornado (Or after, that doesn't really matter)
You still need to know that if you Mach tornado first like i do, you have to wait 10 frames before Dash Slashing (Someone will hit me for this:
gg 1 5 4 ez.
W.I.P, this Pastebin will be updated as soon as the MKU community discovers useful stuff. i might also do strats for other levels, but i didn't explore all the optimal strats for every level yet.
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