Milky Way Wishes - 100% Guide
Milky Way Wishes - 100% Guide
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Milky Way Wishes is the sixth game, and the second to last OG sub-game. The sun and moon are fighting, so you need to go to Galactic Nova (as Marx suggests.) You cannot inhale to get abilities for this sub-game. You need to get the "Copy Essences Deluxe". You find these thorought the game. You can access these abilities at any time you like, so collecting all of them can give you a lot of options. These essences are however required to 100% KSSU, so that's why we're here. Let's learn how to get the essences, and hey, we'll throw in some of that speed in as well.

Grass Planet FLORIA


When you enter the level, deal with the bird and the frog, then run into the door to reach Summer. Go through the door again to reach Fall. Go to Winter, and then go to the left. Enter the door, and get the first essence.


After you exit the Ice room, go into the door again until you reach fall. Go to the right (dealing with the enemies on the way), then go through the door over again until you reach Summer. There should be a clear door under you. Go through it, and you'll find your second essence.


Go through the top door again, until you reach Winter. Keep being in Winter. Don't go through the first door and second door, go through the third one. Enter the third one until you reach Summer again. Go through the tree, and you'll find the last essence of Floria.

After you get cutter, go to the right until you find the door by the tree. Enter it to reach Fall, go over the tree, and go in the sparkly door.


Just use Fighter. You don't have anything that can attack in two directions yet, so use Fighter. You can do whichever side you want. What is important, is whatever you do, do NOT get hit by the blow. It will add so many seconds to your run.

Water Planet AQUARIUS


When you drop into the water, immediately go into the door. Next thing you are going to want to do is put on Cutter. Then, as you move through the water (go up if absolutely necessary), break the middle bomb block in the gap up top, and you should now be swimming with some urchins. Keep going right. When you go through the tight corridor, stay as high as you can, don't get into the downward water stream. Break the bomb block on the right of the tall pillar, and a door should replace the tree over there. Enter the door, to find the essence.


After coming out from the Parasol room, simply keep going right until you see a cannon. The cannon is not necessary to beat the game, and you can't even use it until you get an ability that can set things on fire. Don't mind the cannon. Go through the door, and you'll be placed in this bubble area. Go through the bubbles to navigate up and down quickly, but for the rest of this part, just move fast pog. You should now be in a "space" area. Hop down until you see until you see a door in the middle (not the door in the corner). Go through it. Parasol Drill through all of the Kibbles, until you get to the Suplex guy. I like to use Cutter for this part. After you defeat him, the Sword Essence should appear. Backtrack up to the door. (tip: use parasol when going up so a kibble doesn't bamboozle you when you're floating up.)


Go to the bottom right corner of the screen. Go into the door. You should now be in a corridor-esque room. To get to the essence: DOWN, DOWN, UP. The essence should be right there. Enter the door. It'll take you back to where you came in. To finish the level: DOWN, UP, UP, FORWARD, DOWN. That should take you to the boss.


Cutter. Must I say more? Try to stay out of the middle, as Fatty Whale may bamboozle you at a random time. Other then that, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Before heading to Skyhigh, go to the yellow flashing star. It should fit perfectly with the shape of the star Kirby is riding. You'll be taken to a world called "???". (some people call it "TAC World") If you did it right, you should be in a negative colored forest with TAC's running around everywhere, with the file select music playing. Parasol Drill through all the TAC's, until you reach the door. When you get to the second screen, there should be a bomber by you (don't bother with it). Make yourself to the door again, and you'll be taken to an open area with the Copy Essence. Although not needed in any situations, this ability is required to get 100%. Don't fall!

Wind Planet SKYHIGH


After coming down from the star, go to the right. Keep going until you run into a gust. You should see a block above you. Use Parasol to break it, and float up. You should now be in a room with three Capsule J2s, as well as an essence. This ability is crucial to speedrunning, so it's good to use this as much as you can. (tip: this can be used to light the cannon in aquarius.)


With Jet, light the cannon after exiting the Jet room. Do this by charging up your Jet right before the rope. Be very careful with the Frostys, they can be a MEGA nuisance. After making it to the cannon in time, Jet through the wheelies, and grab the essence.


This is a tricky one. Take Wheel, and zoom across the screen until you make it to the door. Now you are in a maze. Follow these locations: LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, MIDDLE. Wing should be in the room. Now exit the room, and keep going: RIGHT, MIDDLE, RIGHT, and then the glowy door.

BOSS: Kracko

Use either Beam or Parasol. Either works. If you're real fancy, you can do a toss combo with Jet and Parasol. If you grabbed the invincibilty candy, you could wing bomb Kracko, but it completely depends.

Flame Planet HOTBEAT


With Jet, carefully move through the corridor. Don't break the bomb block until you find an invincibility candy. Once you gain invincibility, break the bomb block, and flap through the lava with Wing. Go through the door, and keep flapping up. Get the copy essence, and go through the door.


Go through the door on the right. Ride the minecart (or don't). Advance forward until you reach the tower of food. There should be a minecart nearby. The second minecart has some blocks over it. Flap those blocks with Wing, and enter the door. Fight the Buggzy with whatever you like. After defeating it, get the essence. Exit the room, and continue to advance with the minecart. Be careful while moving with the minecart, as some stumps might troll you. Go through the door, and use Wing to advance through the area. Use the cannons to keep going right, and enter the door.

BOSS: Chameleo Arm

This boss is a bit annoying at times. Use Jet to blast through him in the ground. If he's on the wall, use Sword. Pretty simple stuff. When he's invisible, you need to keep a close eye, as his attacks are a bit more powerful when invisible.

Cave Planet CAVIUS


Enter the door. Dash through the Ninja with Fire so he's not harassing you. Kill Chef Kawasaki. Keep going right until you find Poppy Bros Sr, and fight with him. The Bomb essence should now appear.


Go down after getting Bomb. Follow the path, then fall down into the hole with food. You should find Bonkers. Defeat Bonkers, and the Hammer essence should pop up.


Go right and down after getting Hammer. You'll go left and fight Bugzy. Go through the door. Go up until you find a pink switch. Take your Parasol, hit the switch, and move as fast as possible down to the gate. The rocks should be gone also. Enter the door, and grab Stone. Go through the door, then go right, and down. Find the sparkly door.


Bomb or Hammer works. It's better to launch all your damage at as many attacks as you can. Don't wait for a specific attack. (except the grab, that's a little tricky to deal with).

Machine Planet MEKKAI


When you enter the stage, go up to the top of the level, and proceed to jump across the platforms. The cannons are needed to break the blocks. There are no abilities on the first screen. Grab the invincibility candy, and go through the door. Go into the small corridor up top with the Cutter guy. When you get to the gust, use Jet and dash to the other side. Jet up to the door, and go down the elevator. You should appear in a small room with the Yo-Yo essence.


Come out of the Yo-Yo room. Break spin to the other side. Go up to the middle corridor with the switches. Use Yo-Yo and quickly hit all the switches as you go. Go through the door. Go to the middle, and ride up the elevator. Go all the way up top and head left. Fight Iron Mam, and grab the essence. Go down one floor, and fight Bonkers. The sparkly door should appear.


Yo-Yo or Hammer is pretty good for this fight. Be careful of when Heavy Lobster spews out something. If it's fire, you need to pay attention to his hand. If it lights up for a second, get outta there! Not much else to note, other than staying behind him is key.

Eternal Planet HALFMOON

Two essences left! The final stretch! Let's go!


When you land on the star, spam UP so you don't need to float up after landing on the ground. You will now be in a gusty area. Use any ability to dash through the enemies. When you see the star, dash to the left. You will be taken to the door. Enter the door. You should now be in an area with minecarts. Keep riding the minecarts until you reach the second minecart. On the lower part, break the star block, and float as you break it so you don't accidentally die. You will be in a room with the essence and two Simirros.


Exit the Mirror room. Enter the minecart. Keep riding until you reach the door. Ride the star, and you'll be put in a 1v2. Use Mirror. After defeating both bosses, ride the upward gust with Parasol. When you see the platform with the cannon and the sleepy guy, break the bomb block and go down. Kill the ninjas, and a one, and a two, and a three, you've collected every essence in Milky Way Wishes!

Once you leave, get Parasol again, and float to the top.

BOSS: Computer Virus

The final piece of Star Power! Any ability works, I guess. Hammer is my pick, but other people use other strats. Point is, if you can deal a big amount of damage in a few seconds on a still target, go for it!


(Spoiler Alert!)

Wait, why would there be spoilers for...nevermind.

When you go to Nova on the map, the "Marx's Mad Plan" cutscene will play, revealing Marx's true plan. After this, Kirby loses his star and is now floating in space. However, some star power reaches him, and creates a battleship (also seen in RotK). You now follow Nova to Popstar, and fight him.

BOSS: GALACTIC NOVA easier then whispy lol

The first part is a shooter type of part. Not too hard if you can position Kirby.

In all seriousness, this is a very quick fight if you can rock the A button. It may seem a bit stressful for some parts, but it's much easier then you think. After fighting Nova, you'll head down to the final fight in the OG KSS, Marx.


This isn't too hard if Hammer is being used, but I will go over some attacks.

Ice Barf

Hammer Swing when Marx is barfing. Don't fly, as the bomb explodes when it meets your Y-Level.


Go into a corner and guard. It's much less risky then trying to dodge (unless you're an absolute god)

Ground Exit

Hammer Swing over the ground. Or guard, if you're not confident in that.

After Marx is defeated, you officially beat Milky Way Wishes. The ending cutscene and credits play, and you unlock RotK and TA. Good job on making it this far!

Again, if I made any mistakes, DM me on discord (on profile). I'm not the most educated in speedrunning, so professionals, please give me tips on improving this! :D

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