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Could Indevidual Levels be a thing? Not like each level, but all levels for a world and end splits after defeating the boss for that world :3


I think this would be a great idea, I know the original post for this forum is old but I still hope individual level can be a thing


levels never happened, i guess


Hi to you, the Squeak Squad Speedrun community. I want to share with you what I did yesterday.

I was intrigued by how you can speed up by sliding on a ledge in this game so I practiced this trick in the very first level : 1-1.
One thing leading to another, I started watching Any% and 100% to learn how to run this individual level.

Here are the settings and rules I set to myself while I was playing 1-1 :

1) I was using a 120/120 file, in Story mode.

2) The level was always entered in reset conditions : 2 lives, full health, no power and an empty stomach.

3) Timing was starting as I press A to enter the level, and was ending on the last note of the Kirby victory dance melody.

My first attempts were 58 and 56 s runs but I managed to get decent 53, 52 and 51 runs afterward. That was very fun. 😊
1-1 do not have any, but I'm interested to play other levels in the future picking up the chests, and maybe some any% levels too if the routes bring me interest.

I don't run Squeak Squad normally, full game, yet, but it's off to a good start. That game is great. 🙂

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4 years later... nothing happened lol

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