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I'd love to have a place to chat with others who are interested in the game (ex. Demo runs) even before launch, but I don't know how many others would really join. This will be a thing eventually, but if there's enough interest, I can open a discord for now to start things. (or the mods will idk)

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I'd definitely join right away, since there's still quite a bit of viability with demo speedrunning.

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Ok so like probably many that will have this as their first Kirby speedgame, I didn't know the series just used a single discord for most games. I recommend checking the link in the Kirby series forums to join that, but there's no star allies channel yet, so just know that. If the game ends up needing multiple channels to properly develop, I guess separate discord will be made. Just noting, but do show interest still for what the thread's about

EDIT: A channel's there now ?


Alright, I'll check it out at some point down the line.


I'm up! I just need the invite =)


theres been one for a while, It was mentioned in an older forum. but its kinda buried.
Heres a link invite: