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I've made a couple of changes:
Edited all Arena and True Arena runs to include Decimals
Removed runs where I couldn't add the decimals
Removed variables (they had no use in the first place)
Made Extra mode into a sub category instead of a misc. category
Added Korean as a Region

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I now require image proof for Arena and True Arena runs.
I would like to require video for full game runs but I think a number of people would get mad, so I added a threshold for now


I now require full video proof for all RTA runs


Why? That might lost a lot of players with no video proof who did a RTA run on the main mode.


Ok. I gotta admit, it's true but funny at the same time. XD


I think that WR needs videos because Arena and True Arena are active as competitions.
Unlike ktd and kpr, krtdl is relatively easy to record videos.


I think it is fine that wr does not have video as for arenas in all games not everyone records their video and people will still consider it wr

The Japanese community all consider Louis' True Arena Time to be WR so I think it is fine


I don't want to delete current records.
We can force the video in the next WR (like kssu).

If, for example, Arena's WR was submitted without videos, I personally would never admit that record. (Because I have a WR video)
People without videos can steal strategies from people with videos, but not vice versa, so it's unfair.

In the Japanese community, it is common to divide WRs into WR with videos and WR in all records that contain only images.
Japanese community has its own site and rules, so there is necessarily no need to match rules.


Thinking about it

If you or Louis got wr without video, I would accept. But if someone I don't know got it, it could easily be cheated (Wiis are easy to hack now)

I agree with adding a video proof requirement (Only for KRTDL though)

Louis' run will stay

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