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Thread: is there a way to check the trainer ID in game

Started by: ghoey3ghoey3

When you get your Bulbasaur, check its stats and you can see your Trainer ID. It should be 32862 if you're using the current route.


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Thread: brock through walls problems

Started by: ghoey3ghoey3

If you're not holding b, you need to hold b.


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Thread: Does anybody know if 151 Pokémon can be done on 3dsvc

Started by: Gabriel.HartmanGabriel.Hartman

Also late to the party, but the money manip used in the current route should work fine on VC, IIRC it's only halving money after a wipe that sometimes gets messed up if you have a glitched money value. The current route only buys things while having "legit" money.


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Thread: BGB checking TID

Started by: KindStrangerKindStranger

After opening the Debugger, Ctrl+g (or right click on the bottom half and select "go to...")
Then type into the box that appears d359.
The highlighted box and the one to the right represent the TID


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Thread: unknown run

Started by: CopyLeftCopyLeft

You're probably thinking of the old Emerald glitchless TAS.
A new one was made about a year ago, still using Machoke.


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Thread: Pokemon Red lv4 Nido Manip

Started by: lilweeniemanlilweenieman

You get different movement from the NPC, did you walk over to the left before saving?
You need to not do that.
Enter and exit the mart, then go back to the tile and resave, that should fix it.

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Thread: Help on 151 please

Started by: eduardorossoeduardorosso

Accidentally reproduced the Missingno. during some practice today, it's caused by pausing movement during the left-right at the end of the movement. Venusaur is probably a similar issue.


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Thread: Help on 151 please

Started by: eduardorossoeduardorosso

You're probably not buffering some of the inputs correctly during the manip, as I don't believe either of those is an IGT fail.
If you are getting both Venusaur and Missingno. from the same save, this is almost certainly the case.
The Chansey you're supposed to get has a specific special stat to get an Alakazam

(Also join the discord if you haven't already, people tend to check that more frequently)


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Thread: Help on 151 safari zone

Started by: eduardorossoeduardorosso

The most likely problems are:
1) During the PC underflow section, you may not have counted slots correctly
2) At the beginning of the safari zone, you may have messed up the Pokeball swap
3) You may not have biked down far enough

1 is almost certainly the problem though.


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Thread: why does it show that you can play this on nintendo 64?

Started by: Gameboy9917Gameboy9917

Note that Gameboy tower is banned for English runs, but not for Japanese runs


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Thread: Chansey manip into alakazam

Started by: jaminaterjaminater

The Chansey manip can be quite difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it it should be fairly easy.
Alakazam is based off the special stat of the last pokemon you encountered, which in this case is a Chansey with 149 special.


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Thread: Is 3DSVC Release Viable/Allowed?

Started by: NotEvenAmatueRNotEvenAmatueR

RNG is different between different types of console (VC, GBA, GBC etc.) You'll want to either find a nido manip for VC (I think someone has a decent one, but I haven't seen it myself), or run on emu (Gambatte-Speedrun matches GBA RNG, which is what the manips you'll see in guides use. I guess if you happen to have a GBA or GBP you could also use that 😛


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Thread: Would this stream layout be good?

Started by: JacobTheFoxJacobTheFox

You need to be using the Gambatte speedrun emulator, which you can find under Resources, or on the PSR discord.


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Thread: Trainer ID manip

Started by: Darkman_Darkman_

In NSC, during the party swaps at the end you swap the bytes which store your trainer ID to map connections, causing you to warp to the HoF by stepping right.
In Catch 'em all, during an early underflow menu, you swap one of the bytes corresponding to your trainer ID with a slot in your inventory, allowing you to quickly obtain the item 9f.
If Trainer ID manip was not done, these 2 things would give you a random item, or warp you to a random map, which is obviously less useful.


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Thread: Any% no save corruption

Started by: AustinrayhoeAustinrayhoe

You probably have a Pidgey with 16 hp.
This prevents you from opening the menu after BTW
The guide contains a manip for a 17 hp Pidgey, which will allow you to open the menu

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Thread: Got The Ditto Manip Down! I Have Run Into a New Problem...

Started by: D7XD7X

The first one is luck, the second one is guaranteed if you do things correctly

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Thread: RNG Manip Problem

Started by: DeZeekaDeZeeka

All manips have a small chance to fail due to the time in the in game timer when you save. If you've heard any other gen 1 runners talk about IGT0, that's what this is. Unfortunately, the only way to fix it is to save again and hope you don't get the small chance of failure.


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Thread: RBA - Getting a Golduck after performing CT, and not Rhydon?

Started by: HerresyVGCHerresyVGC

If you're getting golduck from CT, that means your player name is wrong.
You need aaaaa not AAAAA

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Thread: Gambatte

Started by: ZeroSRLZeroSRL

(edited: )

Under settings, do you have gbc rng ticked? Because you shouldn't.


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Thread: Differences in begginer route

Started by: finowfinow

For 151, the route would be quite different for red due to different encounter slots.
Also, the manips won't work due to you playing on the wrong game and console, all the manips assume blue on gba (or gambatte speedrun emulator)