With the growing interest in Pazaak ILs in KotOR 1, I thought I'd create a thread about Pazaak in KotOR 2 to collect what information we know, as I haven't been able to find a guide online. Below are the various players in the game, as well as any additional information I know about them.

Ebon Hawk
Atton Rand

Mebla Dule - Cantina
Win 3 games wagering 40 credits to win the Double Card. She will stop playing you once you win her card, although there may be a bug in the dialog that allows you to continue playing.

Doton Het - Cantina
Win 1 game for the High Stakes quest to win Ramana's freedom.

Nikko - Cantina
Win 3 times to receive some cards: +5, +/-1, +/-3.

Nar Shaddaa
S4-C8 - Pazaak Den
Win 3 times.

Dahnis - Pazaak Den
Win 3 times.

Geredi - Pazaak Den
Win 3 times.

The Champ - Pazaak Den
Win 3 times to receive the Tiebreaker Card.

Win 3000 credits from him, then he'll wager armor components on his next game.