Any% in 54m 12s* by 30Cents30Cents (Obsolete)

I wanna save 1:13 then I'll be done.

Bad Sith Gov, Leviathan, Lehon and Malak.

Time with loads: 1h 00m 58s

Alignment: Light Side

Played on PC on

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Name Duration Finished at
<2:27 or Reset 2m 30s 341ms 2m 30s 341ms
A Severe Case of the FLU 10m 24s 813ms 12m 55s 154ms
Am I done with this place yet? 4m 05s 630ms 17m 00s 784ms
DansGame 7m 34s 852ms 24m 35s 636ms
Fishy Fishy!! 4m 50s 748ms 29m 26s 384ms
GREAT Dragon Skip - -
Too Much Makeup for you? 9m 01s 655ms 38m 28s 039ms
Who's Revan? 5m 51s 369ms 44m 19s 408ms
Give me Cash 4m 19s 632ms 48m 39s 040ms
What in the world? 4m 15s 425ms 52m 54s 465ms
Darth Husbueno 8m 04s 049ms 1h 00m 58s 514ms
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