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I've been playing this on my 3DS with gpsp and it hasn't had any input lag and I wanted to switch to using an emulator on PC to be able to record but both mgba and visualboyadvance have just the slightest bit of input lag, is this common or fixable?


it depends a lot on what controller/keyboard you use and what monitor/TV you have.

certain controllers/keyboards will either eat controls or have input lag. typical LCD monitors that aren't gaming have about 5ms of lag (which isn't really noticeable) but HDTV's can have up to 100ms+ lag if they do not have an optimized game mode setting.

so, what's all the hardware/monitor info, and we can work from there to reduce input lag as much as possible 🙂


Someone just stated that mgba is significantly faster so I might just ixnay on even trying to get that to work properly for me, I haven't had any emulator problems regarding input lag before though which is weird, I need to find out how much faster gpsp is when it comes to loads