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Could somebody who runs boss rush make a guide on how to beat them in the quickest way, what power up to use where to hit etc.


Hi, why not just take a look at the record video and see what they do?


It's a little hard to keep track. Also, Paint Roller paints things randomly, but there is a way of influencing what he draws. I just don't know how


My understanding is that you kind of need the first 2 bosses to have good cycles (is that the best term?) meaning Whispy Woods needs 6 apples in a row, and ball is the fastest power up from Paint Roller. The rest is just execution. You can double tap Cloud and King DeDeDe using High Jump. Its faster to tap a/b on the first phase of nightmare than just holding a/b.
Honestly the best thing to do is just to watch the record video.


Thx I held a for nightmare but I'll tap it now


Also I can't use Ball I'm terrible at it so I use spark or umbrella but they take forever to be drawn