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Thread: Leg Strap calibrations

Started by: kirschkirsch

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Leg Strap calibration rules should be updated to this is more clear.

Leg Strap is calibrated in two moves,"Light jogging" and "Quick jogging", but in some runnings, they did "Quick jogging" same speed as "Light jogging", or "Quick jogging" apparently slower than example.

In the rules,
"No using any exploits as a result of under calibration of the joy con/ring con. Particularly with running calibration, submissions where running appears to be under calibrated will be rejected."

I think doing "Quick jogging" slowly or same speed as "Light jogging", is not to be completed as the game intends.

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Thread: Concerning 100%

Started by: DaTroll18DaTroll18

We cannot collect all EXP medals in single run in some stage, and there is not any exproits(title or name)...
So I think it is difficult to make regulation about Extrete 100%.

We should not talk in here, in 100% Intensity30 category, One Japanese Streamer wants to do in May 2nd,so we should make rules about sleep/rest breaks preventing accidents.
In Zelda of BoW 100% speedrun, we can have 2 breaks,18 hours in single run regardless of WR is 20 hours.
This category will be complete over 40 hours, Can we have breaks in runs…?
(my english is not good, sorry)