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Hi Guys and Girls,

I was running the game for fun on my Amiga Emulator.
Now I just wanted to submit my run, but in the description it says "Emulators are banned".

Well so there is no chance for me to submit my run unless I perfom it on original Amiga-Hardware (dunno how that should work)?

I could not speed up the game like in the Dos version (there are just no options available on Amiga, so it will always be slower) so maybe we can seperate the Categories by plattform?

Any% Amiga i.e.

Of course I am also okay if youjust reject my run, because itson emulator.

You can check it out here:



Incidentally, we discussed the Amiga version of King's Quest VI a few months ago and concluded that it should actually be its own game page; it was developed independently of Sierra and does not even use the SCI engine. We'll set that up just for you! Congratulations on the world record! 😛

The "emulators banned" is a quirk of the current Leaderboard setup we have for King's Quest. Emulators are indeed allowed.


Cool how amazing 🙂

Thank you guys


You'll note that there is an emulators "variable" that can be set and it is to distinguish what emulator is used, or if you are playing on native hardware.

Page has been created so whenever you want to submit your run feel free.


Thats so nice thanks, will do